Saturday, 18 January 2014

Waterstones haul

On 8th November it was my 16th birthday.
Now being a fellow book lover I had asked for some Waterstones vouchers,
and in return, I received £75 worth of vouchers.

So now that I have pretty much spent all of that money I figured I would share some of my more recent purchases and do a little blog haul. I am only going to show a few for now or this post would go on forever! Sorry about the image quality, I know it's not the best.

So the first book I am going to share with you is 'The light between oceans' by M.L.Stedman.
This book was £7.99.
Although I haven't read this yet from what I do know this book is about 
a boat washing up on a remote island, and inside the boat is a dead man and a baby.
Unfortunately, that's all I know for the time being but it sounds rather exciting.
This book had been described as 'gripping' and 'moving'.
So yes, I am very excited to read this!

This next book is 'The moon and more' by Sarah Dessen.
Now I am quite a fan of Sarah Dessen books. I find that whenever I start one of 
her books I can not put it down. Personally, I find her style of writing super and I am a definite fan.
Anyway, her books are more teenage based I find and more romance, but me being 
an absolute sucker for romance, am obsessed.
I am also yet to read this book but it is about the main character 'Colby' having
to choose between two guys.
This book is also £7.99.

This next book is also by Sarah Dessen and this is 'Along for the ride'.
Now I actually have read this book and I absolutely loved it!
This is about a rather unsocial girl called 'Auden' who goes to stay with her dad
for the summer. She gets to know more about herself as well as meeting
a 'mysterious' guy.
If you are looking for an easy read and love a bit of romance then I recommend this one.
This was again £7.99.

This is 'You against me' by Jenny Downham. 
Now this is the book that I am going to start reading next, this sounds really good and I can't wait to see if it is as good as it sounds. 
This book was £6.99
I don't really know how to describe the story yet as I haven't read it
but it has been described as 'intense' , 'gripping' and 'a tale of love'.
All of which makes me very excited to read this.

So that is all for today. Although I do have a ton more books to share, 
I figured that would do for now. Maybe I will do another book haul soon, I don't know.

Thanks for reading, 

xxX Holly Xxx


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lush - Golden Wonder review

(excuse my weird hand position)

For today's post, I am doing yet another Lush review.
Just in case you somehow missed it, I am obsessed with Lush.
So I really enjoy going out and trying their products and today I am reviewing a bath bomb.
This one was part of the Christmas range which sucks because it was amazing!

So basically I had heard this was pretty good and I thought it looked pretty cool. 
I mean it looks like a pretty little gift, what's not to love?
Based on this, I purchased it. Finally, after having it a few weeks I got around to using it.
And oh my, I was more than impressed.

Here are some snaps I took showing the bath bomb in action.

I think this is possibly my favourite bath bomb to date. Mainly because of the excitement 
I got when using it. 
First of all, when I placed it in the water, like all bath bombs it started fizzing and 
one of the things I particularly enjoyed was how the colour spreads.
It was mesmerising just watching the colour spread around my bath.
But by far my favourite part of this bath bomb was the surprise stars.
Although i think someone had mentioned this to me before it had completely slipped my mind.
So when i discovered these beautiful little stars scattered around my bath i got more
than a little exited.

As well as being visually appealing it also left me smelling and feeling great!

Overall i 100% recommend this bath bomb as it was really quite good.

Thanks for reading,

xxX Holly Xxx


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Lush - Christmas eve bubble bar review

So today I will be reviewing yet another Lush product.
I do tend to do quite a few reviews for Lush products as it is one of my favourite stores.
Today's product is a bubble bar.
This product was also part of the Christmas range that Lush bring out every year, so unfortunately is probably no longer available until next year/
Anyway, let's get on with it.

The main reason I decided to give this bubble bar a go was how it looked.
I don't particularly know why but I think it looks really cute.
It reminds me of a moon and as well as looking cute, it smells amazing.

I broke off this much of the bar and then simply just crumbled it under the water.
Then I watched the bubbles form.

This bubble bar gave my bath a slight colour and it smelt so good.
However comparing it to the comforter (another bubble bar) I was a little disappointed with a number of bubbles. This may have been due to the fact that I only used a small amount. 
Despite not having quite as many bubbles as I had hoped, the bubbles that did form did live up to my expectations. The bubbles were fluffy and my skin was left feeling rather nice.

So that's my lush review for today,
thanks for reading.

xxX Holly Xxx


Friday, 3 January 2014

Lush- Star light, Star bright Review

Lush is one of my favourite shops around. 
Some people can't stand the smell and really aren't all that impressed with the store.
However, I am obsessed. Lush products smell wonderful and are so good for your skin as well as looking super pretty. What's not to love?

Anyway, the main purpose of this post is in fact not to ramble about my deep loving for the store, but in fact to review the Starlight, Star bright bath melt.
This is one of those products that I simply could not take my eyes off.
This bath melt is (for obvious reasons) shaped as a star and is a gorgeous sparkling silver colour.

One of the inconvenient things about this bath melt, however, is that when you pick it up it immediately leaves a stain. However, this didn't bother me in the slightest. 
Previously I hadn't tried a bath melt, so I was intrigued to give it a go.
As I placed my beautiful star in the bath I took a few snaps to show you what happened. 

By the end, my bath was left a lovely turquoise colour (even though you can't really tell via the picture).
Watching the bath melt, well melt, was rather entertaining as I watched it unravel. On top of it smelling and looking great it left my skin feeling so good. I was well and truly impressed.
Overall this bath melt was absolutely super and I will 100% be purchasing again.

Thank you ever so much for reading,

xxX Holly Xxx

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